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Big Wipes 4x4 go karting
Spotted in the trailer of KA Racing Pro Kart Endurance Racing Team
Big Wipes Addiction
We hope there is no cure for this addiction, Jennifer.
Results speak for themselves
Thank you for sharing on Instagram, and thank you for the compliment, Mandalshark.
Stay bug free
Kevin knows that all our Big Wipes offer a massive >99% antibacterial protection.
Spot the Difference!
It wasn't easy, Blanchford Building Supplies.
MP Morans
We can only encourage such purchasing behaviour!
Nottingham Maintenance
Signs of an excellent decorator: takes muddy boots off, covers everything, uses Big Wipes.  Agreed, Flunkybiscuits.
Help yourshelf to Big Wipes...
Photocredit Dulux Decorator Centres
Wesley has some eclectic tastes
A man of varied interests, our Wesley.
Hot shower
No shower installation is complete without a tub of Big Wipes on the scene.
Fairalls Builders Merchants
We are hugely impressed with the posters that Fairalls Builders' Merchants have created.
Aldermaston Tool Company
As per their Instagram entry, Aldermaston Tool Company have become a proud Big Wipes stockist!
Pesky stickiness
Hardest part of the install was getting the pesky sticker off...
You can't have too many cages... Ian Forbes knows only too well.  We are delighted about @ianplumbing tweeting this pic of his van!
Jennifer G Interiors
Thank you, Jen and thank you Rob D!
Best. Vase. Ever
Very romantic touch @first_home_together (Instagram)
Or are you just glad to see us?
We asked this gentleman what he used to clean his hands and he wordlessly opened his jacket.
Fairalls Builders Merchant
Thank you for having us, Gatwick Branch.
What a display!
We're sure that these will fly off the shelf at Lawsons Whestone.
Dulux Decorator Centre Gondola End
We love this Big Wipes bucket promotion in DDC
Big Wipes is a must-have piece of kit
Who are we to argue, Brooklands College.
Big Wipes giving Jennifer a helping hand
Jennifer Gardner Interiors appreciates the cleaning power of Big Wipes.
Big Wipes are a God send
@complheat does love our Big Wipes!
Big Wipes Van & Wall Bracket After image
@WatchingPaintDry puts his Big Wipes bracket to good use
The Cage Van & Wall Bracket Before image
@WatchingPaintDry shares his new purchase...
Spotted in Wantage
Really trying to clean up Wantage with Big Wipes.
Pawsitively Purrfect
James @the24hrplumber's cat likes her mew purrsonal (litter) box. 
Plumbline Direct recommends Big Wipes
Big Wipes are the best way to remove gloss paint from hands, tools and surfaces.
White Christmas at Big Wipes Towers
This Christmas, the Big Wipes team was spectacularly treated to snow, a snowman, Santa and his best elf.  Does it get any better than this?!
Nail varnish remover
It's not really what Big Wipes were designed for, but we're happy to double as make-up remover wipes now and again @infusion_andy
Christmas Competition Winner
That's our pleasure, Astral Plumbing.
Grimefighting is high on the agenda at Reeds Wantage
The ongoing battle against grime continues....
It's the little things....
.... that make Richard happy
Grimefighting Friday...
...continues at Reeds Wantage
Best Christmas Tree Ever
We love it, CEF Kings Lynn!
Display of the Day...
...goes to Travis Perkins Stoke Gifford
Reeds Trade & DIY
More grime fighting with @ReedsWantage in Welwyn Garden City
Reeds Trade & DIY
Grime Busting with @ReedsWantage in Welwyn Garden City
Docherty Group loves Big Wipes
And we love @DochertyGroup
HPM Magazine puts Big Wipes to the test...
... and they are impressed with the results.
Big Wipes haul at Phex
Thank you for your support Ian Forbes Plumbing!
Big Wipes even removes a giraffe's spots
It's true
Big Wipes Hand Cream - A winter must-have
Good stuff to keep in the van during the winter months, according to Drew Styles.  We can only agree.
Everyone loves the Cage
Matt Huddlestone @Flowplumbing makes sure his Big Wipes are close to hand.
GRO Heating has the gear...
...and a very good idea.
M+D Electrical are busting grime
Thank you for the shout out @mdelectrical1995, these Try-Me displays are certainly eye-catching.
Great day at Toolfair for Infusion Plumbing
Andy is obviously a man with impeccable taste.
Power to KW Plumbing Services...
...who finally found Big Wipes Power Spray and are now ready for anything they come across.
One for your bucket list
Thank you for sharing via Instagram, Jambo431.
We do like Mondays
The Peak Group Ltd had their Monday brightened up by a Big Wipes cage.
Music to our ears
We love you too @Complheat!
Big Wipes Bow Tie
PB Plumber looked particularly stylish that day...
@Cdplumbin thinks our automotive range is vantastic.  (I'm really sorry.  Again)
Big Wipes Love from Calum
Doesn't everyone kiss their Big Wipes tub?
Jewson Oxford Trade Day
Thank you Jewson Oxford for letting Big Wipes be part of your Trade Day.
Best wipes going by far
We have to agree with you @Kwplumbingservices!
Glenn Moore After Bracket
That's so much better, Glenn.
Glenn Moore Before Bracket
Although we applaud your creativity, Glenn Moore, a Big Wipes cage is so much more convenient.
Life Savers
We certainly make tradespeople's lives easier.
Big Wipes on Deck
Best. Passenger. Ever. 
The cage is all the rage
Thank you, Mark Fairminer for sharing your image.
Brewers Anniversary Fun
Congratulations on your 30 year Anniverary, Brewers Milton Keynes!
Toolfair Coventry
When Drew met Big Wipes...
Toolfair Haul
Sam didn't sing for us, but we still gave him a great deal.
Big Wipes Van Love
Thank you for the Big Wipes van love, @Toolfair and @TitanHeating!
Best Wipes in the World
Thank you @Titanheat and @DochertyGroup
Top Tip from Jim Delling
Big Wipes take paint off a treat and save your skin!
James Coome Tweet
Best wipes around, he says.
Big Wipes for Boss
Big Wipes are ideal for cleaning Ryan Mill's hands of boss white.
Big Wipes Cage to the rescue (again)
This makes it so much easier to drive too @metaheating
Melvyn Smith, MJS Plumbing Tweet
Big Wipes are great for shifting paint.
James Marrshall Tweet
James uses the Heavy-Duty bucket for a bit of tub recycling.
Matt Smith, MDS Paint Services Tweet
Big Wipes are great for a van clean up.
Pokemon Go Big Wipes
With thanks to our Dutch Distributor.  At least the thing is yellow.
Astral Plumbing Tweet
New Big Wipes bracket in prime position.
Bucket Half Pallet
A multi-purpose-bucket-half-pallet.  Obviously.
James put Big Wipes to the test
When your hands are covered in silicone, there's only one thing good enough to get rid of it: Big Wipes.
Big Wipes now stocked in M+D Electrical Ltd
They sound like a great merchant!
Clean, tanned and sated
According to JPR088 (Instragram), all you need are Big Wipes, Piz Buin and squash to have the perfect summer!
Matthew Beal Tweet
Big Wipes are great for getting expanding foam off the hands.  Even cleans the gun too!
Big Wipes Minions
Erm, thanks @Globalglam?
Big Wipes coming in really handy
...though we can't help thinking that it looks like a ceremonial burial.
Love for the Cage
Londons 24hr Plumber likes his Big Wipes right by the jetting machine, where they're needed the most.
No Refurb should be without Big Wipes
The light at the end of the tunnel.
Big Wipes sticker & label removal
Tristam Barden has the perfect solution for removing stickers and labels. 
Half a pallet of Big Wipes
It doesn't seem enough, though.
Big Wipes brighten a grey day
Never a dull moment...
Power Spray removes sticky stuff
Claire knows the tricks of the trade...
Great testimonial
Thank you, Dominic Vecta!
Big Wipes Handcream is a Proper piece of kit!
Thank you, Drew Styles, we agree.
The Big Wipes Kid
We like his style!
Love for Big Wipes Hand Cream
Thank you @matt17griggs
How cool is this?
A cool-box in the shape of a Big Wipes tub.  No home should be without one.
You know your boyfriend is a tradesman...
... when you have a tub of Big Wipes in the car.
Thanks to Meggie Moox on Instagram
Gareth tests Big Wipes...
...and Big Wipes pass with flying colours!
Big Wipes Protection
It appears as if this branch of TP is protected by an army of Big Wipes.
Staalmeester choose their favourite 3 products....
@StaalmeesterDE, Twitter July 2016
Batman vs Superman
Batman and Ben Affleck receive some brilliant advice from IRB Heating!
Power Spray - best invention since toasted bread
Thank you for thinking so PSL Heavy Industries, Instagram
Glenn likes tea...
... a LOT.
New refit with Big Wipes
Thank you @sunrise_heating, that's what we like to hear.
Big Wipes inspired Art
Richard Evans submitted his creation to @OneMinuteBriefs
Elvis would have sung about these...
Our Swedish distributor is superstylin'
Big Wipes are brilliant for hands, tools, surfaces and, um, cats.
It makes purrfect sense.
The Decorators' Toolkit
We agree, @DunlopProDecor!
24 hour plumbing makes you hungry
Thank you @the24hrplumber for sharing his snack suggestions.  

We obviously need to point out that Big Wipes are great for wiping up dirt and grime, but should under no circumstances be eaten.
Mixing it up with Big Wipes
Eagle-eyed Matthew M, Painter & Decorator, spotted a tub of Big Wipes at a local hardware store.  Our spies are everywhere.
Big Wipes are his favourite product
Thank you, ThePaintingSpec, we are delighted.
Twitter, May 2016
Oh Guard
Some stores feel it necessary to have a security guard for their Big Wipes stock. It's understandable, really.
Parkes Plumbing Endorsement
Fantastic endorsement from @parkesplumbing on Twitter!
May 16
On the tools
Big Wipes should be part of every toolbag!
Sunrise Heating Endorsement
Probably one of our most favourite tweets ever. 
@sunrise_heating, May 16

PollyfillerPDConstru Endorsement
Start them young, guys....
@pollyfillerpd1, May 16
Plumbers love Power Spray
Peter @pbplumber and James @jdplumbing love a clean van and Power Spray is the way to go.
Twitter May 16
High Praise indeed
We are delighted to have yet another Big Wipes convert!  Thank you, Tim.
@LeamingtonSBC, Twitter
Another Impressed customer
We hope you enjoy your Big Wipes haul from Installer 2016, Tom!
@parkesplumbing, Twitter
Bring on the Silicone
Sunrise Plumbing and Heating are no longer worried about any silicone spills.
@sunrise_heating, Twitter
Big Wipes at Boleyn Stadium
A lot of Hammer fans in the office waving a teary farewell to the Boleyn Stadium.
Big Bad Boys
Gareth Williams also loves Big Wipes!
@GarethWHeating, Twitter 
No more greasy spoons
Spotted by Yousef Installations at the local takeaway...
@Y1Installations, Twitter
A wall of Big Wipes
We have never seen anything more beautiful in our lives...
Give them cake
Have your (cup)cake and eat it!
Wild Shopping Spree
He hasn't dropped yet, so should shop some more!
Paul Vasey and his VF Racing Grid Girls
The VF (Very Fabulous) Racing Grid Girls are selling Big Wipes for charity.  We are so grateful for their and Paul Vasey's continued support.
Very happy Toolfair Customer
Thank you Simon Blackwell for tweeting this photo @simon3BB!
Could Big Wipes be any cooler?
No, no they couldn't.
The Missing Hand
Big Wipes don't just remove gunk from hands, they also remove entire hands?
Thank you to @danielharding88 Twitter
Big Wipes on the Job
Thank you Paul Vasey for sharing!
Travis Perkins Portishead
Sarah is Grimebustin' (and being photobombed).
Travis Perkins Nailsea
Helen and Louis are rocking their Big Wipes Superheroes T-Shirt.
Big Wipes Van....
...spotted from Space
Sunrise Plumbing
New bathroom refurb carried out and left spotless thanks to Big Wipes!
Big Wipes Addiction
Please do not seek help for this addiction, James.
Benji is watching paint dry
Thank you for sharing, Neil Johnstone & Son Decorators
Neville and Tommy swear by Big Wipes (by, not at!)
Thank you for your support, ASHE, Hitchin!
DP 19 Racing, Italy
The dp 19 Racing team use Big Wipes to clean their bikes after a muddy good day of racing.  
Bev Reid, Power Sprayer
Thank you to Bev (@bevthepainter) for depicting the difference in using the adjustable nozzle on our Big Wipes Power Spray.
Twitter, Feb 2016
Double Heavy-Duty
What an unbeatable team!  Heavy-Duty Big Wipes and Heavy Duty Milwaukee.
One for your bucket list
Sometimes a Heavy-Duty 80s tub just ain't enough!
Pest Controllers' vans always feature Multi-Surface Big Wipes
Multi-Surface wipes are excellent at cleaning, plus are antibacterial and prevent Weil's disease.  Perfect!
New Hampshire Painting & Decorating Services....
... would be lost without Big Wipes!
Big Wipes in Eurocell Alfreton
We sure do brighten up a place!
The table is set with Big Wipes
Photo Credit to theboxxpa, Instagram
Big Wipes are very PC
It appears that people use Big Wipes at home too!
Brooklands College Demo Day
Daniel demonstrated the power and strenght of Big Wipes to the construction students at Brooklands College.
Superheroes Counter Display
Spotted by Dave from Taunton Deane in his favourite merchant.  Thank you for sharing, Dave!
Beauty and The Big Wipes
Our Italian distributor has excellent taste!
Photo Credit to Esthefanyguill, Instagram
Big Wipes goes truckin'
We're not sure, but it looks arty!
Photo Credit to MegaWattsGroupCorp, Instagram
Mega Big Wipes Store Display
Photo Credit to MegaWattsGroupCorp, Instagram
Big Wipes Flying High
Photo Credit to PHXTREME, Instagram
Photobombed by Big Wipes
Photo Credit to esthefanyguill, Instagram
Hughes & Hughes Decor Love Big Wipes
Photo Credit Hughes & Hughes, Instagram
Endorsement from Alpha Tech Heating
Thank you so much, Craig!
via Twitter, 12/15
Mr Repo Review
Thank you, Mr Repo, we do put a lot of  fluid in our tubs so that they never dry out, but you will find that the solution does evaporate quite quickly from the hands.
Photo Credit to Mr RepoUSA, Instagram
Mega Big Wipes Shelf Display
Photo Credit to MegaWattsGroupCorp, Instagram
Big Wipes Van Bracket
Came home to a package from @BigWipes thanks guys over the moon with it. Will stop them rolling round the van.  
Robert Muldoon via Twitter
Decorating Solutions
Big Wipes are perfect for removing filler
Eurocell loves Big Wipes!
Eurocell's tweet speaks for itself....
Superheroes support Help For Heroes
Thank you to everyone at Coventry Toolfair who donated so generously to our Help for Heroes collection.  It is very much appreciated.
Big Wipes on Holiday
Our friend One Vine Decorators spotted a tub of Big Wipes on holiday in Lanzarote. P.S. One Vine was on holiday, not Big Wipes.  We don't ever go on holiday.
A photo of one of the world's most recognisable landmarks..
... and some glass skyscraper.
Superheroes Try Me Display
This punter was so impressed with our new Superheroes Counter Display, that he simply had to get the T-Shirt.
Big Wipes Best for Motorbike Care
Photo credit to our Italian distributor, who makes sure that Italian bikers don't ride anywhere without their Big Wipes.
Here is a picture of a great British institution...
..... and some public-service broadcaster. 
Are those 40s sachets Big Wipes in your pocket...
...or are you just happy to see us??
Royal carriage
The Queen insists upon her Big Wipes chariot being at her beck and call at all times. 
A brilliant photo of a BIG British Icon...
... and some clocktower.
JC Electrical Big Wipes Bracket
Well happy with my new holder thanks to Big Wipes!
We can still see you, Charlie Budd
Charlie posing with his most favourite wipes in the whole wide world!
Karting Championship, Panama
We are the champions, my friend.
Photo Credit to Theboxxpa, Instagram
George Crichton @GDecPainter has advice
Wee tip. Keep your shellac brushes in a used big wipes tub with a splash of meths. Keeps for weeks.  (via Twitter)
Can you even drive a van without a stash of Big Wipes?!
Big Wipes spotted by Johnny, Builder in London
We love people sending us their "spotted a tub of Big Wipes" pics.
Gibbs & Dandy Trade Day in Bedford
Big Wipes attended this trade day in all our colourful glory!
Welcome Mat
Our Welcome Mat is far too pretty for dirty feet!
The Ultimate Toolbox
According to RS Components - and surely every tradesperson out there - Big Wipes are a big part of the Ultimate Toolbox.
Big Wipes Star of the Wickes Advert....
... at least for a second!
Tesa UK love Big Wipes
Someone adorned the Tesa UK stand at Totally DIY Show!
We don't only get hearts racing...
VF supporter Andy and VF Racing girls Laura and Lucy promoting Big Wipes at the new Wolds Engineering Services showroom in Scarborough.
Big Fella
Thanks to Nicholas Knowles, who commented: This big fella needs a ton of big wipes (the truck not me!!).

Never BOARD with Big Wipes
Nearly every day the Cardiff South branch of Travis Perkins finds new uses for Big Wipes 
Completely sold out at Screwfix Live
Jack and David celebrate with cake. How else?!
Big Wipes Christmas Tree
Brilliant Christmas Tree by Travis Perkins, Cardiff South!
Sizzlin' & smokin'
Bob is cooking with gas (and Big Wipes)
Beauty and The Big Wipes
Burly Tradesmen aren't our only fans, you know.
Heady Heights
Climbing up the ladder of success...
Thumbs Up for Big Wipes
Izabela says:"I find more uses for Big Wipes all the time as they are so easy and always there".
Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes - Support for our Wounded
We are the Champions
Trophy husbands??
Painting & Decorating Tools
Izabela, Painter & Decorator: "I use Big Wipes for wiping my hands,  tools or excess paint off the brush, cleaning up paint splashes and helping with application of silicone sealant."
Gone dogging?
Our David is UNLEASHED upon the Dulux Dog
Upwardly mobile
Where mobile repair vans go, Big Wipes go
Never tyre of Big Wipes
Spotted in our local tyre & exhaust repair shop
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Our Jack decided to take up the #ALSIceBucketChallenge as well.  He doesn't look cold at all!  #drownedrat.
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Too
Our Sue took one for the ladies!
Van Essentials
Better than a nodding dog.
Candid Camera
Don't think you can pick up a tub of Big Wipes when the camera is around and not get snapped!
TBS Merchants
We liked this so much, we had to post it. Thanks to @tbsmerchants on Twitter.
Tour de France with Big Wipes
The yellow jersey was inspired by a Big Wipes tub (we think).
Big Wipes Paparazzi
Another innocent Big Wipes user got papped
Another Ecstatic Customer
This lovely gentleman is showing off his most favourite purchases of the day.
Falmouth Boat Hire
We couldn't be without Big Wipes, they are the real deal for cleaning boats!
Brewers, Surbiton
Another happy customer at Brewers, Surbiton.
Raleigh Bikes UK
Sunday night mechanic'ing after awful conditions on the road this weekend @uniortools @bigwipes
Carmarthen Decorators
What a difference a @BigWipes makes... #filthynomore
REM UK Salons
You can't build a show stand without #BigWipes. Thanks @jamesbeechey
REM UK Salons
Yes, it's true, Big Wipes are indeed the best wipes in the world." We get through enough at the REM factory.
Kevin Watson
Yes @decorum @BigWipes Agree love em too
Wayne De Wet
Big Wipes.... Love em!!
Squirrel Self Storage
David Benning from Squirrel Self Storage appreciating that Big Wipes heavy duty industrial hand cleaning wipes come in a reusable bucket of 240.
Hamilton Team
Spotted the Hamilton team at the Screwfix Live show using Big Wipes to remove paint from their hands, tools and surfaces after demonstrating their range of brushes.
Screwfix Live
Look what we saw at the @Henkel stand at @Screwfix Live. Big Wipes are perfect for removing that excess silicone.
One Vine Decorators
@BigWipes clear up what mess!! But it wasn't me :)))
One Vine Decorators
Carl giving the thumbs up to Big Wipes sachets
Carmarthen Decorators
Hey @BigWipes - found these on @danielslocks van... #locksmith #carpenter #bigwipes_user #carmarthen
One Vine Decorators
After first fill, 1 dusty room, mop, Hoover, broom and @BigWipes get their turn.
Wayne De Wet
September 'How to' blog - painting kitchen doors by @decorum28
Barney & May Decor
The bridge vs scott in the van..... Bridge won hands down. Sacrificed a dust sheet and loads of @BigWipes #doh
Carmarthen Decorators
Found something better than @BigWipes ... Yeah! BigWipes with 20% extra free! #greatproduct #recommend
Dave The Decorator
This gentleman has excellent taste in products.
Can Dec
@BigWipes an essential part of of the vans tool kits just need to get a holder to screw in to the van now
Big Wipes win Golden Shed Award
Big Wipes win the Best Cleaning Product category!
No Mess, No Fuss, Quick & Effective
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